Chanel as a’Razorgirl’ I
Portrait (Analogue)
Two Callynes
Pip (Liesl Magdelaine Venter)
Pablo Picasso
Reflexive Recursions IV : Frikkie Eksteen Back-office Portraits IV : Frikkie Eksteen
Composers IV : Romantic Composers IV : Romantic
Composers III : Classical Composers III : Classical
Composers I : Renaisance Composers I: Renaissance
Faiding Lines of My Mothers
Mnemosyne by André S Clements Mnemosyne
Back-office Portraits III : Diane Victor
Sunday-night Madonna
Lombart P
Jimmy Jimmy
Maureen by Andre S Clements Maureen
Bafana Team Portrait by André S Clements Bafana Composit Team Portrait
Anastasya Eliseeva Anastasya Eliseeva
Lilith Lilith
Self Portrait by Andre S Clements Self Portrait
Neo (Portrait of a Learner) Neo
Porn Princess Porn Princess