Portrait (Analogue)

54 x 54 cm (sheet size) | 50 x 50 cm (image) | Pigment print on 230 gsm art paper, water-stretched, deckled edges | Edition 1/1 (ZAR 3,333.33)

“Portrait (Analogue)” by André Clements is an evocative amalgamation of multiple identities, capturing the essence of five life-drawing models of varying genders and ethnicities through a series of superimposed photographs. The composition brings forth subtle yet powerful elements—faintly visible earpieces, the hint of nakedness, and glimpses of tattoos and beads—that speak to the individual stories and identities of the models. This artwork engages deeply with the ethics of representation and consent, questioning the viewer’s gaze and the layers of meaning we ascribe to the human form. The dark background serves to highlight the complexity of each overlapping figure, creating a dialogue about visibility, identity, and the ethics of artistic creation within the context of our interconnected lives.”

Dated ~ May 2024

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