Synoptic Resumé


André Clements is a fine visual artist who specializes in creating pictures that are the tangible expression of creativity. He pursues the idea of ‘Radical Artistry’ based on the theoretical framework he calls ‘Vita-Socio-Anarco’, which focuses on the ability to create new or different relationships between elements in a way that promotes the well-being of all life, social relations, and non-domination. In his artistic practice, he makes extensive use of digital photography and computational technology to create a sensitive and considered aesthetic language, while also creating and developing work in traditional media.


André’s artworks have been acquired by prominent local private, corporate, and public collections, including Liberty and SAFFCA, the Southern African Foundation for Contemporary Art. His work and writing have been featured in publications such as SA Art Times, Beeld, ITs Art & Herri. He has collaborated with other artists and presented his works in exhibitions like ‘Urban Skins’ with Eric Duplan, ‘Dencity’ and the solo show ‘Asthesia’.

Professional Experience

André currently works at One Thread Advertising, a small but dynamic marketing agency based in Johannesburg and the UK, where he assists organizations with the strategic development and technical implementation of customer relations information management systems, processes and more. He has been employed in various managerial, developer, designer, and learning facilitation positions in tertiary education, marketing, and online gaming, and more.


André has a BA degree in Information Design from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Pretoria. He has also dabbled in a number of modules of a Master of Business Administration at Regensys Business School during a spell of being employed as Acting Marketing Manager and IT Manager there. He has also studied widely for non-degree purposes, including degree-level courses in industrial psychology and computer science, including subjects like formal logic and discrete mathematics at UNISA, international courses in disciplines such as symbolic modeling, and a diploma in Assessment from Damelin.


“Andre was one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated designers and teachers I came across in the 6 years I spent in South Africa. He has a thirst for knowledge and commitment to creativity that are unparalleled. Any student would be lucky to have him as a teacher, any team as a colleague.”

Professor Nathaniel Stern, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

“Lecturer and mentor, André opened up a world of possibility for me through his excellent knowledge of the industry and teaching skills. He is someone that I looked up to in college, and still do. I still look to him for inspiration and even though I’m not his student anymore, I still see him as my mentor.”

Gary Meyer (Past student), Creative Director, Apula Design