Artist’s Statement for ALEXA MAKE SOME ART
Exploring the Relationship Between Traditional Principles of Design and the Additional Dimensions of Familiarity, Salience, and Artistry
Is Not Love the Origin of All Creation? – Matisse
Apple and Cherries for Paint Week
Béo and Nex on way to a valentines party
Clean Language and Radical Artistry Life Drawing
Every artwork is a drawing
Windows Powershell script to sort photograph files into Date taken-based folders as per yyyy/MM/yyyy_MM_dd
Lezane (LAB negative)
Radical Artistry: Life Drawing Randburg Poster
Draft Paper ‘Lens-mode: Tuning a ChatGPT Conversation’
Lens-mode: Tuning a ChatGPT conversation
Starting a Glossary
12 renders for Jozi