Artist Statement


I make pictures.

I create pictures that manifest creativity in appreciable ways. My practice focuses on establishing new or different relationships between elements, guided by my self-developed framework called Vita-Socio-Anarco, which promotes the well-being of all life, social relations, and non-domination.


  • Layering and Integration: Creating depth and cohesion through the fusion of various elements.
  • Hybridization: Merging different media and techniques to form a unified whole.
  • Ontological Integrity & Multipartiality: Maintaining the essence and authenticity of each component.
  • Sensitivity and Kindness: Nurturing connections that value and practice consent, with empathy and thoughtfulness.
  • Skill and Creativity: Pursuing a balance of technical proficiency with authentic innovative expression and exploration.

I strive to achieve desirable outcomes through various interwoven processes and projects while defining—or finding—what constitutes desirable remains a continual exercise. This journey reflects my understanding of Radical Artistry within the Vita-Socio-Anarco perspective, where art transcends aesthetics to make a positive impact on the world.