CV André Clements

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Location: Randburg, South Africa


André Clements is a trailblazer professional with a diverse and expansive career spanning over 30 years in innovative computational media technology. His approach consistently demonstrates a unique fusion of extensive technical knowledge, creative artistic mastery, interpersonal relationship skills and strategic problem-solving capabilities. André’s active involvement in regenerative culture and community facilitation further underscores his commitment to societal development and positive transformation.

Technical Skills

André’s technical acumen includes Flutter & Dart, Full-stack WordPress, Laravel, PHP, Relational Databases, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, OOP, CMSs, and Web Development.

Non-Technical Skills

André’s non-technical skills encompass Information & Graphic Design, Contemporary Art, Photography, Speciality Printing, and Education, particularly in Learner-Centered Facilitation.


André’s professional trajectory encompasses a range of roles, from Lead Developer & Tech Consultant at a dynamic through-the-line marketing agency to Technology Manager & Deputy Marketing Manager at a prominent business school. He has also implemented multi-network performance marketing integrations and developed commercial online ‘gaming’. Further, André has substantial experience in education and information design.

Lead Developer & Tech Consultant, One Thread Advertising (2013-Present)

In this role, André managed projects end-to-end, driving innovation while ensuring seamless tech implementation in a marketing context. His responsibilities extended beyond conventional tech boundaries, from leadership and strategic visioning to hands-on speciality print applications. Notable projects include:

  • Building the self-publishing platform for comic artists, extending a WordPress & Woocommerce platform with capabilities to generate print-ready PDF artwork from user-generated content and automating production and distribution processes.
  • Constructing and maintaining an e-training academy registration system, including capacity and notification management for Canon in native PHP, which operated for around eight years and was recently rebuilt on the WordPress tech stack.

Technology Manager & Deputy Marketing Manager, Regenesys (2008-2011)

In this strategic role, André oversaw the application of technology in the company, managed a team of professionals, and played a crucial role in driving the digital marketing strategy and developing an innovative online MBA programme and its learner management platform.

Web Media, Tracking and Integration Lead, ForgeBusiness (2006 – 2008)

Here, André was responsible for optimizing results-based marketing activities and technology across various disparate systems, platforms, and different business models for global clients and partners. Duties included Content Management System customisation, optimisation, and SEO.

Online Gaming Developer, Trafficonomy (2006)

André developed and integrated custom Adobe Flash console games with white-label gaming portal systems, such as He also implemented integration with leading affiliate marketing embedded advertising with transaction tracking across disparate platforms and systems and developed a bespoke ‘chat’ system with a tailored profanity filter.

Lecturer/Facilitator: Media Design Technology, Allenby Campus/Damelin Education Group (2001 – 2006)

As an educator, André guided and mentored students towards professional readiness. His teaching philosophy emphasised independent life-long learning and critical thinking. Alongside the contemporary design-focused curriculum, André also fostered vocational skills including process management, communication, and administration, ensuring a comprehensive education for his students.

Designer, Computer Aided Presentation Services (CAPS) (1996 – 1998)

As a graphic designer and senior graphic designer, André was an early adopter of digital technology back when DTP was still a relatively esoteric term in the media industry.

As a photographer and contemporary artist, André has successfully exhibited in South Africa and France in group and solo exhibitions.

Community Engagement

Founder and Facilitator, Life Drawing Randburg Community

André’s leadership shines in his role as the Founder and Facilitator of the Life Drawing Randburg Community. His adept facilitation has crafted an inclusive space that welcomes everyone from novices to some of South Africa’s most esteemed artists. André’s innovative, integrous, and dynamic facilitation has earned praise and recognition from the community’s diverse membership.

Contributor, Regenerative Cultures

A deeply committed participant in regenerative culture, André’s involvement includes action on climate change, food rescue and distribution, and disaster response initiatives. These efforts have not gone unnoticed, gaining international endorsement from renowned climate scientist Dr. Jem Bendall. André’s strong coordination skills were demonstrated as he played a pivotal role in the highly successful XR World conference, which featured celebrity international panellists, including Brian Eno, Vandana Shiva, and Roger Hallam, among others.


André holds a BA in Design, Visual Communication, and Marketing from the University of Pretoria and a Diploma in Assessment, Facilitation from Damelin. He has also pursued non-degree courses, enhancing his skills in Industrial Psychology, Human Capacity Development, Datametrics, Computer Science, Clean Language Facilitation, Symbolic Modelling, Leadership and Communication, and Enneagram.

The Crux

Driven by his desire to utilise his creativity in meaningful ways and an unwavering pursuit of professional development, André seeks a role in alignment with his unique blend of technological expertise, artistic prowess, and values-based orientation. He aims to make significant contributions to a forward-thinking, dynamic team that values innovation, creativity, and responsible practices.