Every artwork is a drawing

MidJourney: /Imagine: Curveism, https://s.mj.run/dgyOV18aEJU https://s.mj.run/eOaeEnc3pow , Manifesto, Aesthetics, Straight Lines, Perspective, Relations of Power, Autopoiesis, Balance, Harmony, Moderation, Vita-socio-anarcho, Power, Art, Creativity, Relating, Desirable Outcomes, Salutogenesis. –ar 2:3

Every artwork is a drawing,

every drawing is an algorithm,

every algorithm is a container,

every container is a power-scape,

every power-scape is alive.

Every artwork is a layered metaphor that draws the relationships between manifestation, interactions, and conflict dynamics. Every artwork, regardless of medium or style, can be seen as created through a process that involves some kind of calculating system. The calculation process, in turn, can be seen as a kind of container or power-relations casting its light and dark beyond the artwork and its more banal meaning and or signification.

And yet, if every power-scape is alive…, dare we suggest that even abstract or non-physical systems like computational constructs can have a kind of vitality or agency. Entities of art whether truly conscious or entirely not. It’s the aliveness that makes it art.

Dated ~ February 2023

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