Two Callynes

54 x 39 cm (sheet size) | 50 x 35 cm (image) | Pigment print on 230 gsm art paper, water-stretched, deckled edges | Edition 1/1

“Two Callynes” presents professional model Callyne Benting through the superimposition of two photographs taken during a life-drawing session. This artwork explores the duality and complexity of identity, capturing different emotional states and expressions in a single frame. The superimposed images suggest a temporal dimension, reflecting the continuity and evolution of self. The black and white tonality and overlapping forms give the image a sculptural quality, emphasizing the physical presence and materiality of the subject. The interplay of light and shadow creates a harmonious yin-yang dynamic, symbolizing the interconnectedness of multiple identities or roles within an individual. The visual rhythm and flowing lines add a rhythmic quality, metaphorically representing the natural ebb and flow of life and identity. Through this intricate layering, Clements invites viewers to contemplate the nuanced relationships between different aspects of self and the subtle dialogues between them.

Dated ~ May 2024

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