Impressions Jozi City (People Left)

39 x 54 cm (sheet size) | 35 x 50 cm (image) | Pigment print on 230 gsm art paper, subtle artifacts of being water-stretched, deckled edges | Edition 1/1(ZAR 3,333.33)

“André Clements revisits the urban landscape of downtown Johannesburg—colloquially known as ‘Jozi’—through a fusion of AI-generated visuals and traditional photographic techniques. ‘Impressions Jozi City (People Left)’ is part of an ongoing exploration into city-and-night-scapes, a theme that resonates deeply within Clements’ broader body of work. This piece uniquely captures the ephemeral flow of urban life, layering multiple AI outputs derived from original photographs to create a complex, ghostly image that both abstracts and accentuates the dynamic nature of the city. The artwork embodies the transient encounters of its subjects, made more poignant by the traditional gum-tape water-stretching technique used to smooth the paper—a nod to watercolour traditions that adds a tangible depth and texture to the digital creation. This work not only challenges our perceptions of reality but also invites us to ponder the interplay between digital innovation and traditional artistry.”

Dated ~ May 2024

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