Impressions Jozi City (People Left)
Nocturn, with burnt asphalt
Circum-navigating Ponte tower.
City Boundary (Johannesburg Skin)
5th Street Sidewalk, Sandton
Quantum (Blanket City)
Built Environment Centre (BEC) Commission
Night Sequence (Grayston)
Just outside JHB
A Luring City
Load-bearing Landscape #1
Accompanying Sky 01
Bridge (Phase 6) Bridge (Phase 6 – Sheep may safely graze)
Urban Edge #3
Freedom Stalls by André Clements Freedom Stalls
A Joburg Skyline
Part of a Joburg Skyline
Untitled (photograph of Joburg)
Narrative Ends (Johannesburg Theatre)
Yeoville (Pedestrian Shelter)
Rissik St (Past Post Office)
Morristown (c.1890 Malvern)
Modern Truth (Approximate)
Exchange (Johannesburg)