We Dance in Wittgenstein’s Scaffolding

39 x 54 cm (sheet size) | 35 x 50 cm (image) | Pigment print on 230 gsm art paper, water-stretched, deckled edges | Edition 1/1 (ZAR 3,333.33)

“We Dance in Wittgenstein’s Scaffolding” captures the fluid interplay of movement and structure, an homage to André’s early poetic explorations of dance and the ephemeral experiences of life. Drawing from his youthful verses written in Pretoria, the work interlaces textual rhythm with visual flow, embodying the dynamic and sometimes chaotic dance of existence. The artwork melds the philosophical underpinnings of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s ideas on language and reality with the visceral, embodied act of dancing, reflecting on how both constructs—words and dance—frame our understanding of the world. Exhibiting for the first time in his hometown, Clements invites viewers to traverse the scaffolding of their own perceptions, challenging them to find beauty and meaning in the overlays of complexity that define both personal history and broader human narratives.

`Dans! dronk danser dans, trap op die spoke wat gil, klanke wat raas en rol, want die nag kom om, altyd weer the kom, duisel die stilte, dans!` (c)1989

`Dance!, with the devils in the desert and nomads of the night, wanderers wandering at the wonders of the world, beasts who bleed their travellers to tears, while the lost and lonely, living lies, meekly moan the cause of their cries… If we were to die who would cry? Never mind my dear, never mind us… Poets take their pens as soldiers do their swords, planning and playing with wisdom and words, feet forever falling on empty earth, while the lost and the lonely, living lies, meekly moan, the cause of their cries.` (c) 1989

Dated ~ May 2024

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