Untitled (Spaceman)

54 x 54 cm (sheet size) | 50 x 50 cm (image) | Pigment print on 230 gsm art paper, water-stretched, deckled edges | Edition 1/1(ZAR 3,333.33)

“Untitled (Spaceman)” presents the astronaut as a metaphor for the alienation and privilege inherent in technological and abstract realms. This piece delves into the solitude and survival mechanisms afforded by exploration and the abstract distances created by our reliance on technology. Layered within the AI-generated astronaut’s visor are AI-generated images of creative scenes from life-drawing studios and dance, reflecting Clements’ own search for expression and meaning through artistic and digital mediation. The artwork also subtly navigates the complexities of identity, perhaps touching upon the nuances of being a white male in contemporary South Africa’s socio-political landscape. Through this palimpsest of visual and thematic layers, Clements invites viewers to explore the intersections of technology, creativity, and personal identity in the modern world.

Dated ~ May 2024

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