Mortality Portrait (w. John and Arnis)

Edition of 5, recommended size 610 x 370 mm including 20 mm margin, surface pigment printed on archival paper.

“In the interplay of shadow and light, texture and illusion, André Clements manifests a ‘theatre of the mind’ beyond mere representation the image becomes an entity, an essence. Through a meticulous convergence of 30 photographs of John and Arnis juxtaposed against a refractive perspex mirror, the composition unravels their enigmatic semblance, orchestrating them into a mesmerizing ballet of form and ephemerality.

The piece echoes the profound energy shifts experienced in life-drawing sessions, where exposed and unguarded models are held not by the indifferent eye of a camera but by the artist’s contemplative regard. Moving beyond conventional transactional interplays, this milieu dives deep, fostering an autopoetic liaison where the observed and the observer meld in a harmonious dance of mutual awareness and interrelation.

Serving as an emblem of the potential concealed within ambiguity, this work summons the ethereal spirit of Pareidolia, a space where cognition oscillates between recognition and the enigmatic. It beckons an odyssey across shifting temporal and kinetic realms, inviting spectators to navigate the threshold realms of their perceptual faculties.

Specifications: Pigment surface printed, dimensions 610 x 370 mm, framed with a 20 mm white boundary on archival-grade paper. Edition limited to 5 pieces.”

Dated ~ November 2023

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