Dates: 18 May  to 15 June  2024

Location: The Viewing Room Art Gallery, 492 Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn Circle, Pretoria

Curator: Debbie Cloete

Description: Explore the dynamic intersection of technology and creativity in the ‘Alexa, Make Some Art’ exhibition, curated by Debbie Cloete. Featuring a diverse group of artists including André Clements, Christiaan Diedericks, and many more, this exhibition delves into the collaborative potential of human and machine. André Clements showcases works like “We Dance in Wittgenstein’s Scaffolding” and “Spaceman in Tesseract (Kaleidoscope w/ Compassionate Eyes),” which blend traditional analogue techniques with advanced computational tools to create layered, evocative picture-objects.

Highlight: Join us at the opening on May 18 at 11 AM to experience how modern AI and classical artistry converge in a unique, thought-provoking exhibition. Witness the interplay of subtlety, nuance, and depth through innovative layering and synthesis of diverse sources.


Dated ~ May 2024

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Exhibition: Alexa Make Some Art AI