South African Landscape #2 (With Sticks and Stones)

South African Landscape #2 (with sticks and stones) by André S ClementsDescription

A harsh, perhaps arid landscape, apparently barren save for a structure, possibly constructed out of sticks and tree stem. The sticks may be a make-shift slaughter trestle or the remnants or makings of a shelter. The tree is bare of foliage and fruit, and displays marks suggesting violent erasure.

Visual Reference and Source Material

The landscape is composed of an average of typical photographs of South African landscapes from online creative commons licensed sources.  Elements that emerged from the interplay of superimposed sources where directly manipulated into the apparent visual elements.


  • Edition: 1/5
  • Image size: 926 x 1309mm
  • Substrate size: 1026 x  1409mm
  • Archival pigment print on 300gsm rag paper

Dated ~ March 2012

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